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All the knowledge and experience to maintain your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

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NexDrive is a service network of independent automotive workshops that specialise in the maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles. All technicians are NexDrive IMI certified and carry out maintenance and repairs down to the last detail. When you take your vehicle to a NexDrive workshop for maintenance or repair, your vehicle also retains the manufacturer's warranty. NexDrive also supports all specially trained technicians with the right tools and equipment to carry out a safe repair. They have everything you need to maintain your EV vehicle!

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EV certified workshops, IMI TechSafe registered technicians. Choose NexDrive.

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    A nationally growing network

    NexDrive is a global network dedicated to the growing number of EV vehicles in the market. All NexDrive workshops are specially equipped for the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles. They have the knowledge, tools and software & equipment to maintain your EV vehicle.

  • Maintenance on an EV vehicle, what exactly is that?

    An electric vehicle system consists of an electric motor, an inverter, batteries and a charger. Traditional maintenance, such as changing engine oil, is therefore not always necessary. However, there are several other maintenance activities that must be performed periodically on an EV vehicle to keep it safe and roadworthy. 

Maintenance of your electric or hybrid vehicle
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